This page is specifically to help people who have decided to start using

This list of websites will help you get better use of the Steem blockchain. Steemit is just one of many different applications running on the same blockchain. Meaning they are all connected and work together. Some I have had a chance to write my own blogs about, but not all of them yet. There are so many, for now I will link the website with a short description. Once I write my blog about each one, I will update this page.


  1. SteemWorld.orgview many different statistics of your profile, such as voting power, upcoming rewards, and much more. Be sure to change the URL to whichever username you wish to view. For example :
  2. - Allows you to schedule your posts to be posted at certain times.
  3. Steemification (Chrome Extension) Enables push notifications on your computer.
  4. Steemify (iOS App) - Enables push notifications on your mobile device.
  5. SteemVoter.comAllows you to set auto-upvotes for individual accounts. You can also choose what percentage and how long after the post has been live that you wish for the upvote to go through.
  6. Follow Tracker - Allows you to see which accounts do not follow you back that you do follow.
  7. - Lets you search specific keywords, the search results will feature accounts with those keywords in their bio. 
  8. - Allows you to use bid bots to help your posts gain attention.
  9. SteemWhales.comView the highest valued accounts in order from greatest to least. This is a great way to find "Whale" accounts with massive voting power. Perhaps one will become your new best friend.
  10. SteemitBoard.comView accolades and personal achievements associated with any Steemit user.
  11. - Send direct messages to other users of Steemit.
  12. SteemConnect - Most DApps on the Steem blockchain use SteemConnect to securely log you into your account.
  13. D.Tube - Post/view videos, the Steem equivalent to YouTube. Posts will also show up on your Steemit.
  14. - Post/view memes. Posts will also show up on your Steemit.
  15. - Post/view pictures, the Steem equivalent to Instagram. Posts will also show up on your Steemit.
  16. - Post/listen to music, the Steem equivalent to SoundCloud. Posts will also show up on your Steemit.
  17. - Live-streaming service. Posts will also show up on your Steemit.
  18. - Post/view short messages, the Steem equivalent to Twitter. Posts will also show up on your Steemit.
  19. Markdown Code CheatSheet - This will make customizing your blog layout a lot easier.
  20. @SpiritualMax's Steem Guides - Useful compilation of guides for beginner and intermediate users.


*** Also remember that you only get 10 100% upvotes a day. That equals out to 1000% percent daily. If you have unlocked the upvote slider (you get it at 500 Steem Power) then you can adjust your votes to be less than 100%. You can also do this with auto-upvotes using SteemVoter.

Doing this will allow you to vote more than 10 times a day, up to 1000 times a day if you were to upvote at just 1% each time. If you decide to upvote comments, it is best to use a much lower percentage as to not burn all of your daily power. Really though, it is up to you how you vote, that is the true beauty of Steemit.


Post layout is crucial, so are your tags. Try to create a proper header, spacers, footer, and signature. Using these consistently will give your blog a certain vibe that people remember.


Your post has 7 days to earn a reward. After that only comments can earn rewards, and you can no longer edit the post.

Below are a few blogs I have written myself about useful methods of using Steemit.